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St Ingbert Jazz Festival with Roby Lakatos & Bireli Lagrene

RONDO 6/ 15 about the 21 years-old violin player Sandro Roy’s first album „Where I Come From“ (skip records)

„When has a 20-year-old jazz violinist ever improvised so smartly and cleanly, even at a breakneck tempo and across difficult chord changes, and done so with such musical inventiveness and meaning, rhythmically precise and swinging, with the fiery lifeblood of youth and the polish of an old hand? And if he were two, three times as old, it would remain an imposing performance.“

„The debut CD Where I Come From reveals the phenomenon Sandro Roy to us. … Uniting the sophisticated sound of a virtuoso with a roll-your-sleeves-up joy in playing, Sandro Roy is effortlessness and lightness personified—on what is (even in jazz) the most difficult of all instruments.“