Press Sandro Roy

Emotional Rollercoaster – At Summer in Lesmona, star violinist Sandro Roy supported the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen 

“Pablo Sarasate’s “Gipsy Airs” were clean as lightning, played by the virtuoso Roy, who commanded each and every one of the piece’s countless bowing and fingering pitfalls brilliantly, even at breathtaking tempos.”

“This just-turned 23-year-old violin virtuoso from a Sinti family (ancestry that even the great Django Reinhardt shares) obviously taillor-made the cool and hip “J.L. Swing” for himself when he composed it. So of course he gloriously showcased his violinist capabilities – and one can certainly allow oneself the comparison with the legendary jazz violinist Stéphane Grappelli.”  (Weser Kurier, Aug 14, 2017)

“The magnificent launch of a super talent!”
(Kultur SPIEGEL, Feb, 2015)


“Anyone who wants to keeps his legs still is in the wrong place with Sandro Roy, as well. The young violinist from Augsburg presents a debut that leaves your mouth gaping in wonder at times. Eventually you are so gobsmacked by Roy’s sheer technical skill that your admiration couldn’t get any higher if he were to ride a unicycle and juggle while playing, too.” (Jazzthetik, 01/ 02, 2015)


“Sandro Roy moves in his stylistically masterful way among the different compositional genres. With his own compositions and interpretations, he develops a sound world that is completely his own, with a keen instinct for balancing melody and rhythm. He is thus predestined for a great career that will take him to concert halls and festivals as well as jazz clubs.” (Jazzpodium, Feb. 2015)